Humanity’s Blind Spot Is Humanity’s Undoing; Grief As The Doorway To Acceptance And Even Joy In The Face Of Our Demise

December 19, 2016

Carolyn and consciousness researcher and author, Peter Russell, discuss humanity's deadly trajectory of acceleration and singularity which guarantee our extinction as certainly as abrupt climate change does. So how do we accept what seems inevitable and the reality that "this is how it ends"? Grief is one doorway to acceptance and also a doorway to the joy at lives at our core.


Living With Passion Beyond Hope

December 12, 2016

Deb and Carolyn discuss how we live with passion in the face of the global crisis and beyond the chimera of hope.


Women On The Verge Of Societal Breakdown

December 5, 2016

Carolyn and Dmitry discuss Piero San Giorgio's book Women On The Verge Of Societal Breakdown published by Club Orlov Press. Dmitry states that the book illustrates the crucial role which women need to play, as traditional keepers of home and hearth, to keep the family together and doing well during treacherous, turbulent times. But the book also recognizes the great difficulties women will face as the societies they depend on decay and fall apart, and the precariousness of the major gains women have made over the past century, which Piero rightly calls the Century of Women. While recent social progress has made women independent and men somewhat superfluous, these trends tend to quickly reverse as society begins to regress. Piero calls on men to start acting like men once again, and to once again become strong, reliable defenders of women and of their families.


Carolyn’s Holiday Chat: Navigating Daunting Times

November 28, 2016

Yes we are facing the extinction of species, but meanwhile, we also face exacerbating tyranny as industrial civilization unravels. How do we reconnect with what truly matters? How do we resist? And how do we maintain resilience as systems collapse and the madness becomes more inescapable? How do we maintain the mandala and the embodiment of wholeness in a fragmenting world? How do we experience joy in the face of its glaring opposites?


Post-Election US And Safe Circles Of Awareness And Community

November 21, 2016

Carolyn and Dean discuss the aftermath of the US election and what is likely to change and what isn't. More importantly, they discuss the Impossible Conversation about climate change that we both verbalize and live. How do we create safe circles of waking up to the end of business as usual and lovingly support each other in the process?


How To Live At Peace With The World

November 14, 2016

Dave Pollard shares with Carolyn the ways in which his exploration of the collapse of industrial civilization has influenced his world view and the values by which he lives. In searching his inner world in relation to collapse, he has found peace through practicing lovingkindness, compassion, sympathetic joy, and equanimity. Having researched collapse for many years, Carolyn and Dave discuss the richness of their journeys.


Teaching Sustainability In The Age Of Extinction And Other Paradoxes Of The Anthropocene

November 7, 2016

Carolyn interviews Professor Mimi Riley of Butte College, Chico, California. Mimi shares how waking up to the global crisis influenced her parenting and her teaching. She emphasizes the importance of the grieving process but also creating and celebrating beauty, as well as developing a spiritual path in order to find meaning, purpose, and community in unprecedented times. 


Return To Joy: Vibrant Living In The Face Of Despair

October 31, 2016

Carolyn and Andrew in conversation and celebration of their newly-released book, Return To Joy. What is joy? How is it different from happiness? How do we access it in a time of extinction and endings? What is required of us to live from and be motivated by joy? To be awake is to experience a wide range of emotions, but we must be able to return to and immerse ourselves in joy.


Arctic Ice Melt And Its Devastating Consequences For Planet Earth

October 23, 2016

Carolyn and Peter Wadhams, Professor of Ocean Physics at the University of Cambridge and author of Farewell To Ice, discuss the unprecedented loss of Arctic ice, its consequences, and Dr. Wadhams' suggestions for mitigating the loss. He also addresses the origins of the underlying fear that climate change scientists have of revealing the full extent of our climate predicament.


Why Our Culture Needs A Day Of The Dead Ritual

October 17, 2016

 Barry and Maya Spector discuss their many years of offering an annual Day of The Dead grief ritual in the East San Francisco Bay--it's healing power for participants and for the facilitators. We discuss the fact that the underlying myths of America culture are collapsing and notice how that collapse is increasing the madness of human beings who inhabit industrial civilization. Without conscious grieving in a safe and supportive container, the madness can only increase, along with our sense of despair and isolation.