When Your Therapist Totally Gets The Global Crisis

March 27, 2017

Carolyn and psychotherapist Jonathan Stein discuss the global and cultural stresses that compel some people to seek therapy. They notice many more therapists waking up to the global crisis and many more clients seeking support as they deal with eco-anxiety along with fear, anger, grief, and despair regarding the many layers of our predicament. Jonathan shares his own process of waking up to systems collapse and catastrophic climate change and how it has influenced his life and his work with clients.


Redefining Hope In The Face Of Climate Trauma And Climate Grief

March 20, 2017

Carolyn and author, climate activist, and ecopsychologist Zhiwa Woodbury discuss the formation of trauma and its manifestations in climate chaos as well as all of the emotions that are stirred as we face the withering of our planet, especially grief. As we become willing to face these realities, we must redefine hope, not as a passive stance of mindlessly waiting for someone or something to fix the predicament, but responding with action, community, passion, a willingness to bear witness to suffering and make life easier for all living beings. In the process, we embrace a different kind of hope that does not depend on outcome but rather on our commitment to be fully engaged.


The Global Crisis: Signing On To The Journey Of Transformational Resilience

March 6, 2017

Carolyn & Myrn talk about what happens to us when we allow ourselves to fully wake up to the global crisis. Often the uncertainty pushes us to do deep inner work which then allows us to discover a new quality of empowerment. Not only do we then become more resilient, but our resilience becomes transformational so that we can engage in service and healing. Because every living being is connected with every other living being, serving one, serves all.


The Only Games In Town: Deep Ecology, Deep Inner Work, And Rigorous Sacred Activism In The Age Of Extinction

February 27, 2017

Carolyn and Val Silidker engage in an especially juicy conversation on collapse, the New Cosmology, the Universe Story, and why it is essential for the planet and for ourselves that we commit to doing inner work and external service for the rest of our lives.


The Collapse Of The Oroville Dam: A Metaphor And Mirror of Societal Collapse

February 20, 2017

Carolyn and Ivey Cone, longtime friend of the New Lifeboat Hour and Northern California resident living near Oroville, cover the collapse of the dam in depth and the potential for a disaster the size of Katrina if the dam's infrastructure completely fails.


Happy Valentines Day: Do You Have A Home?

February 14, 2017

On this Valentine's Day, activist Mimi German and Carolyn discuss not romantic love, but love and compassion for homeless people in Portland and around the world. How does climate change affect their lives, and what can we do as communities and as individuals to help the most vulnerable of our species?


Navigating A Tsunami Of Cultural And Political Upheaval

February 6, 2017

Will returns to the New Lifeboat Hour to discuss with Carolyn how we ground ourselves and stay grounded in the midst of the current cultural upheaval as well as in the larger picture of global crisis. How do we balance the inner world of emotional and spiritual work we must do on ourselves with the outer activism that this time is demanding of us? In addition to his book Now Or Never, Will shares with us his exciting upcoming conference, Architects Of The New Paradigm. This is a lively, joyful conversation between friends and allies.


Kali Takes America: Are We With Her?

January 30, 2017

Harvard educated scholar of Comparative Religion and Mythology, Vera de Chalambert and Carolyn discuss the mythology of the 2016 election and the planetary rite of passage that Kali, the fierce female force of the Hindu tradition, is compelling our species and our planet to experience and be transformed by. Don't miss this rich conversation.


Climate Chaos, Disaster Relief, Health and Food Security

January 23, 2017

Nick from Relief Analysis discusses the implications of climate chaos in terms of natural disasters and disaster relief. How do we become resilient in terms of infrastructure, food, and health security? How can we mitigate climate chaos by studying the patterns of rain bombs and other extreme weather events?


Tempering Optimism With Realism In This Now Or Never World

January 16, 2017

Author, consultant, and sacred activist, Will Wilkinson, having just published his book Now or Never, shares what he's learned about the urgency of our predicament and how important it is to temper our optimism with realism as we integrate the transformational path with the path of social and Earth justice.